Carex Chrome Bathroom Grab Bar 18″


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  • When living with a person with reduced movements such as the elderly or people with physical or mental disabilities, it is important to guarantee their safety and well-being when using the bathroom.
  • For this is the CAREX bathroom grab bar with 18″ chrome finish, which allows you to hold firmly to enter and exit the shower, bathtub or toilet.
  • The bar is reinforced with heavy-duty, heavy-gauge (1.25 inches- 3.2 cm) aluminum with the capacity to support a maximum of 400 pounds, with a non-slip texture for an easy grip.
  • It is recommended to take extreme precautions in case of wet surfaces.
  • This bathroom grab bar serves as a support for the wall, its use is fixed.
  • Clean the bar with mild soap and water.
  • Box includes 18-inch grab bar with 6 screws and 2 plastic gaskets.


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